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Chest/Thoracic Injury

We have a range of chest & thoracic injury equipment from heimlich chest drain valves, to asherman chest seals, to portex frontline chest drain kits. Plus, we stock the innovative ThoraQuik chest decompression device which is the only pupose made device for treating pneumothorax. These products all come with free delivery as standard when ordered online.

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ARS for Needle Decompression (14ga x 3.25in)
Asherman Chest Seal Valve
Bolin Chest Seal
Bolin Chest Seal
Bound Tree Deployable Chest Tube Kit
Chest Decompression Catheter (10ga x 3in)
Chest Decompression Catheter (14ga x 3.25in)
Chest Decompression Set
Disposable Sterile Scalpel
Heimlich Chest Drain Valve
Portex Emergency Chest Drain Kit
Portex Frontline Chest Drain Kit
Practi-Seal Original Practice Chest Seal - Single Pack (Red)
SAM Chest Seal (With Valve)
SAM Chest Seal (Without Valve)
Simu-Seal Practice Chest Seal - Pack of 2 (Blue)
Simu-Seal Practice Chest Seal - Single Pack (Blue)
ThoraQuik Chest Decompression Device