ACT-multiPAK Bleeding Kit (Celox) (Red Bag)

Stop Bleeding, Keep Breathing™ The ACT-multiPAK Mass Casualty Response Kit (with Celox Rapid) for public spaces contains 8 x Basic and 2 x Advanced ACT-PAK Bleeding Control Packs containin... read more
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  • Mass Casualty Response Kit developed in conjunction with the ACT System containing:
    • 8 x ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Basic) - for use by non-trained personnel
    • 2 x ACT-PAK Bleeding Kit (Advanced - Celox) - for use by trained medical professionals
  • For use in the event of an emergency where mass casualties and bleeding may occur
  • Supplied in a customised MARCH bag with rapid-access opening and a velcro securing strap
  • Intended for pre-placement in public spaces for efficient responder drop or throw distribution


The ACT-multiPAK's are Mass Casualty Response Kit's containing a selection of 8 x 'Basic' and 2 x 'Advanced' ACT-PAK Bleeding Control Packs.

Supplied in a MARCH bag with rapid-access opening and a velcro securing strap, the ACT-multiPAK's are intended for pre-placement in public spaces and can be opened quickly and efficiently for responder drop or throw distribution.

ACT-multiPAK's should be placed throughout public spaces including but not limited to offices, shopping centres and mass gathering events. They should be situated in numerous, easy-to-grab locations for easy-access in the event of an emergency.

When choosing locations for ACT-multiPAK's, identify your risks and assess if access could be limited in the event of an emergency. For example, if you are barricaded in an office or room, could you access your ACT-multiPAK and life-saving bleeding equipment if it was only situated in the corridor?

This original and largest ACT-multiPAK grab bag is designed for larger organisations, higher risk environments or for areas where wider but less frequent distribution is necessary (e.g. corridor, security office, reception)

If you are looking for a mass casualty bag for smaller organisations, lower risk environments or for smaller but more frequent distribution (e.g. individual offices, shops, classrooms) try our ACT-MultiPAK Mini (with Celox)

Not sure which ACT-multiPAK is for you or your organisation? Please call us on 01952 56 56 56 and we will be happy to help you.

What’s included?

This ACT-multiPAK Mass Casualty Response Kit for Bleeding Control (with Celox) is supplied as standard with the following equipment:

8 x ACT-PAK Bleeding Control Kits (Basic) each including:

1 x ACT-Guide/Record Card
1 x Marker Pen
1 x Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves
1 x Pressure Dressing/Bandage (4in)
1 x WoundClot ABC Haemostatic Gauze (10cm x 10cm)
1 x ACT-Tourniquet (Orange/Black)

2 x ACT-PAK Bleeding Control Kits (Advanced with Celox) each including:

1 x ACT-Guide/Record Card
1 x Marker Pen
1 x Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves
1 x Emergency/Israeli Pressure Bandage (4in)
1 x Celox Rapid Z-Fold Gauze (1.5m)

1 x ACT-multiPAK Rapid Access Grab Bag by MARCH systems

The following additional equipment can then be chosen when ordering:

1 x Windlass Arterial Tourniquet

CAT Combat Application Tourniquet (Black)
SOFT-T Tactical Tourniquet (Orange)

1 x Chest Seal

Foxseal Chest Seal
Russell Chest Seal



  • Dimensions: 355 x 165 x 165mm (approx - depending on options chosen)
  • Weight: 2.3kg (approx - depending on options chosen)


This ACT-multiPAK contains 2 x ACT-PAK Kits (Advanced) which contain items that require training prior to use and are for use by trained personnel only.

The 8 x ACT-PAK Kits (Basic) contain basic control equipment suitable for non-trained personnel.

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