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In any tactical profession, there are various clothing and gear that is required to help make the job more manageable. One of the most needed item is the tactical glove, there are many different types of tactical gloves all designed for a specific purpose but it can be confusing. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the different styles and features to help you decide on the best pair.

Glove Technology

Reinforced Knuckle Protection

Depending on the purpose of the gloves, some gloves have added protection i.e knuckle, palm or fingers. Consider the area on the glove that will have the most stress and where your hands will need to most protection. The VIKTOS Warton Gloves have a reinforced Polymer main knuckle, offering protection and minimising injury to your knuckles.

Impact Resistance

Impact-resistant work gloves protect working hands where high-impact energies are experienced. If you work with high-impact tools, Impact-resistant gloves are a great way to minimise the impact on your hands. The Mechanix M-Pact Gloves have palm padding that absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy.


Check the insulation. If you’re planning to use the gloves during cold weather, you need a pair that can protect your hands from extremely low temperatures. Because they’ll keep your hands safe from freezing, insulated tactical gloves will ensure more efficiency and safety when outdoors during the cold season.  


If you need to use your phone while also wearing tactical gloves, you should look for ones that offer touchscreen compatibility, such as the VIKTOS Leo Duty Gloves or the 5.11 Competition Shooting Glove. Not all gloves have this feature though but those that do allow you to operate all modern technical devices, from smartphones to in-car entertainment systems.


It’s hard to find fully waterproof gloves, because some water usually gets through when you’re always on the move. Still, some brands design oiled and weather-resistant gloves that can resist water penetration better than other, regular models. They offer a higher level of protection when working in wet conditions and cold climates.

Some of our favourites

VIKTOS Wartorn Gloves – £40.00
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VIKTOS wartorn protective tactical gloves
The Viktos Wartorn Gloves can be customised purchasing the MORALPHABET separately

The shooting range is littered with would-be tactical shooting gloves that have failed to live up to a weekend of training. Blown seams, shredded palms, failed fingers all tell a sad tale of hand wear woe. The WARTORN™ glove was designed to overcome these points of gear failure while adding additional service and functionality.

Available in 5 colours.

5.11 Hard Times 2 Gloves – £58.50
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5.11 Hard Times 2 Gloves (Kangaroo)
We love the TacticalTouch precision fingertips from 5.11 on a robust, protective glove.

The 5.11 Hard Times 2 hard knuckle gloves provide operators with strong, sturdy, and reliable knuckle protection that excels in harsh mission environments. Articulated thermoplastic knuckle plates, seamless goatskin palm and reinforced finger joints all from a trusted brand.

Available in 2 colours.

Mechanix The Original Gloves – £19.96
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Mechanix Original Gloves in Covert Black
The Original from Mechanix is a complete all-rounder and has always been a top seller and staff favourite

The Mechanix Original glove revolutionised the hand protection industry with its versatile design and has faithfully served its users ever since it was introduced by Mechanix. Stretch Spandex material provides a comfortable fit and Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure feel.

Available in 5 colours.

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