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Looking for a coat, jacket or fleece? Is it for hot weather, cold weather, rain protection or just as a light casual jacket? We have a plethora of jackets and coats available from multi-layer/function parka jackets to lighter Job shirts, to camouflage rain shelled jackets, to soft-shell coats.

No matter what coat you are looking for or what environment you will be using it in whether it's tactical, army, military, police, casual, outdoor or hiking, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. We stock Men's jackets and coats in brands such as 5.11 to offer our customers the best in durability and style. These jackets are perfect for both individuals to use at work and leisure particularly for military, police, security, outdoor use, hiking, mountain biking and walking. If however, you can't find the jacket or coat that you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team who will be happy to help you find what you are looking for including sourcing a specific item that may not be available on our website. Just call us or complete our contact us form and a customer service representative will be in touch.

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5.11 Utility Job Shirt
5.11 Cascadia Windbreaker Jacket
Was £72.00 Now £36.96
5.11 Packable Jacket
Viper Tactical Sneaker Jacket
Was £47.99 Now £40.79
5.11 Peninsula Insulator Shirt Jacket
Was £81.00 Now £41.52
5.11 Cascadia Windbreaker Vest
Was £63.00 Now £43.08
5.11 RECON Half Zip Fleece
Was £60.30 Now £48.30
5.11 Packable Operator Jacket
5.11 Lined Packable Jacket
5.11 Armory Jacket
Was £81.00 Now £56.70
5.11 Peninsula Insulator Jacket
Was £112.50 Now £57.72
5.11 1/4 Zip Job Shirt
5.11 Rapid Response Q Zip Shirt
5.11 Response Jacket
5.11 Aurora Shell Jacket
Was £130.50 Now £66.96
5.11 Rapid Kryptek Half Zip
Viper Tactical Ultima Jacket
5.11 Revolver Reversible Jacket
Was £112.50 Now £78.76
5.11 Rappel Jacket
5.11 Preston Jacket

46 Items

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