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StatPacks are changing the way that Emergency Clinicians think about carrying their gear. Relying on advanced ergonomics and intelligent design, StatPacks keep the medic’s hands and mind free to handle the unexpected. Smart, compact packs reduce injuries and improve efficiency on the scene. Every ounce of weight and wear on an EMT’s back is justified by clinical effectiveness.

Based in St. George, Utah, StatPacks designs, builds and markets innovative packs and accessories for the full range of emergency medicine professionals. Fusing advanced sports-mountaineering know-how with practical ideas from the front lines of emergency medicine. Combining high-tech construction, functional features and intuitive structures, StatPacks are the most rugged, comfortable and effective packs on the market.

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StatPacks G3 Back Up (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Competitor Waistpack (Black - BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Elevate Waistpack (Black - BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Golden Hour (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Load 'N' Go (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Medslinger (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Perfusion (BBP Resistant)
StatPacks G3 Traverse Thigh Pouch (Black - BBP Resistant)