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Head Torches

We offer a variety of head torch designs from big brand names such as Silva, Gerber & 5.11. All of these torches come with free UK delivery as standard when ordered online. Our selection of head torches includes Silva Head Torches, Gerber Head Torches, 5.11 Head Torches, Jogging Head Torches, Tactical Head Torches and Walking Head Torches.

If you can't find the head torch that you are looking for then please give our customer services team will be happy to help you find what you are looking for including sourcing a specific item that may not be available on our website. Just call us or complete our contact us form and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

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5.11 S+R H2 Headlamp
5.11 S+R H2 Lens Filter Kit
5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp
5.11 S+R H3 Headlamp (Sandstone)
5.11 S+R H6 Headlamp
5.11 S+R Headlamp NIMH Pack
5.11 S+R Headlamp Straps
Fuel Headlamp
Fuel Headlamp
Pelican HeadsUp Light
Silva Jogger Head Torch
Silva PRO LINE LR1030 Head Torch
Silva Runner Head Torch
Silva Trial Runner Plus Head Torch