Man walking in desert

What to wear on a long-distance walk in the UK

Every year, on the first Wednesday of April, is National Walking Day. Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get active, lose weight and become healthier. This year, in honour of National Walking Day, we decided…

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A complete guide on how to clean and maintain your tactical boots

Regular cleaning of your tactical boots can increase the lifespan of your boots. You should clean your boots every time they start to appear dirty. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning suede tactical boots, plus the basics of…

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Christmas is fast approaching! It can be difficult to buy a gift that you know your friends and family will love, so we’ve put together our Christmas Gift Guide 2021 to help you out! We’ve stocked up on new gear…

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The TacTree Black Friday Sale is almost here!

It’s November and that means only one thing, the TacTree Black Friday Sale is almost here! 2021 hasn’t quite been the year we were all expecting but we’ve got a huge sale coming to finish it off with a bang!…

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Personalised Leatherman Multi-Tool engraving arrives at TacTree

We’re excited to finally announce the launch of our custom laser engraving service including custom laser-engraved Leatherman Multi-Tools! Our new, specialist laser engraving equipment can engrave directly onto Multi-Tools, without affecting the quality of the product! Engraving your Leatherman Multi-Tool…

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8 inch vs 6 inch Tactical Boots – which is better for you?

8 inch vs 6 inch Tactical Boots – we are asked all the time what is better for you? If you’re on your feet all day, the boots you wear can make all the difference to your day, part of…

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Choosing a Tactical Backpack – All you need to know and more

When choosing a tactical backpack it can be extremely daunting as there are a vast array of options available from a huge selection of brands. Here at TacTree we know our backpacks and have put together this guide to help…

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VIKTOS shooter image

New Spring 2021 Tactical Gear is here

With Spring in full flow (maybe the weather isn’t here yet though) it’s the perfect time to get your new tactical gear together, that’s why we’re excited to finally launch our new 2021 Spring Gear! With the latest from 5.11,…

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5.11 RUSH 2.0 Backpack with morale patch

5.11 RUSH 2.0 Backpacks are finally here – So what’s changed?

Since 2009, the RUSH backpacks from 5.11 Tactical have been on over 1 million missions, carrying nearly 17 million kilograms of readiness as a staple choice for tactical and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It’s now 2021 and the original backpack has…

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tactical gloves blog - what are the features

Tactical Gloves Features Focus : Essential Gear

In any tactical profession, there are various clothing and gear that is required to help make the job more manageable. One of the most needed item is the tactical glove, there are many different types of tactical gloves all designed…

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