Magnum Boots

Magnum have a reputation for designing high quality footwear for Police Officers, Security, Airsofters, PCSO, Traffic Officers and more. Our Magnum footwear range includes Magnum patrol boots that are EN 20345 and EN 20347 certified, suitable for men and women. Magnum boots are designed for your needs, so whether you're looking to buy specialist Magnum police boots, a safety toe, waterproof, side-zip or non metallic/scanner friendly boot - we cater for it. View the range of Magnum boots and Magnum shoes below.

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Magnum Viper Pro 5.0+ WP Boots
Magnum Strike Force 8.0 Leather SZ WP CT Boots
Magnum Storm Trail Lite Shoes
Magnum Sitemaster CT CP Boots
Magnum Roadmaster Leather CT CP Boots
Magnum Rigmaster 8.0 SZ WP CT Boots
Magnum MX-5 Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks
Magnum MX-3 Lightweight Coolmax Socks
Magnum Elite Spider X 8.0 Side Zip Boots
Magnum Elite Spider X 5.0 Boots
Magnum Classic 8in Boots
Magnum Patrol CEN Boots
Magnum Stealth Force 6in CT/CP Boots
Magnum Stealth Force 8in CT/CP Boots
Magnum Panther 8in Side Zip Boots
Magnum Panther 8in Boots
Magnum Active Duty CT Shoes
Magnum Active Duty Anti-Slip Shoes
Magnum M-Pact Sock Liner
Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Side Zip Boots

24 Items

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