Lightweight Boots

Demanding jobs such as police officers, paramedics, prison guards and PCSO’s could mean you are on your feet all day, so you’ll need a pair of lightweight, comfortable boots. We stock a huge range of lightweight army boots designed to be worn all day. With athletic designs, brands such as 5.11, Bates and Magnum all offer new and specifically designed lightweight boots that give you the protection of a traditional black ankle boot with the added performance and comfort of technology from trainers and performance footwear. Get free UK delivery on all online orders.

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Magnum Storm Trail Lite Shoes
Magnum Panther 8in Boots
Magnum Classic 8in Boots
Magnum Panther 8in Side Zip Boots
Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Boots
Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Side Zip Boots
Bates Raide Sport Boots (Smokey Grey)
Was £104.99 Now £79.20
Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Leather WP Boots
Bates RUSH Mid Boots (Grey)
Was £100.00 Now £84.90
Bates Womens 5in Tactical Sport Boots
Bates 5in Tactical Sport Boots
5.11 Fast-Tac 6 inch Desert Boot (Dark Coyote)
5.11 Fast-Tac 8 inch Desert Boot (Dark Coyote)
5.11 Fast-Tac 8 inch Boot
5.11 Fast-Tac 6in Boot
5.11 Speed 3.0 Desert Rapid Dry Boots
5.11 Speed 3.0 Rapid Dry Boots
5.11 Taclite 8in Desert Boots
Was £117.00 Now £87.60
Bates 8in Tactical Sport Boots
Bates Womens 8in Tactical Sport Side Zip Boots

51 Items

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