Footwear Accessories

Looking for a boot accessory such as socks, laces or insoles? We stock a wide variety of boot accessories to make sure your boots are as comfy as possible.

Which are all available for immediate dispatch with free UK delivery as standard when ordered online. If you can't find the boot accessory you are looking for please do not hesitate to call us or complete our online contact form and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

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Bates Cushioned Performance Socks (Mid Calf)
Bates Vented Performance Socks (Mid Calf)
5.11 Sausage Laces
Was £6.30 Now £3.24
5.11 Braided Nylon Laces
Was £6.30 Now £4.32
Bates Uniform Dress Socks (Mid Calf)
Bates Tactical Uniform Socks (Ankle)
Bates Tactical Uniform Socks (Mid Calf)
5.11 ABR Training Sock
From £9.00
5.11 Level 1 6in Socks
Bates Tactical Uniform Socks (Over Calf)
5.11 Slip Stream Crew Sock
Bates Tactical Performance Socks (Crew)
5.11 Level 1 9in Socks
5.11 Year Round Crew Socks
From £11.70
5.11 Slip Stream OTC Sock
Bates Cotton Comfort Socks - Crew (3 Pack)
5.11 Year Round OTC Socks
Bates EPS Moisture Wicking Socks - Mid Calf (2 Pack)
5.11 3-Pack PT Ankle Sock
5.11 Merino Wool Crew Socks
5.11 Merino Wool OTC Socks

24 Items

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