The MOLLE system is used to describe the attachment between pouches and modules to your tactical backpacks, rucksack, plate carriers and belts. Using MOLLE allows you to totally customise your gear to suit your mission.

MOLLE stands for “modular light-weight load-carrying equipment” it has rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric called PALS “pouch attachment ladder system” which is stitched onto backpacks, vests and numerous other gear. You can easily thread/weave through your compatible pouches & modules providing a secure and adaptable on-the go access.

Your MOLLE attachment system will likely consist of SlickStick® or MOLLE-specific straps that are designed to weave between the attachment and the equipment you’re adding it to. These sticks securely snap shut to hold your attachments in place.

Follow these steps to attach your MOLLE gear to a compatible webbed platform:

  1. Choose a location to attach your gear. If you’re following an SOP, you already have a plan – but if you’re free to choose where your gear goes based on what’s easiest for you, try experimenting with the placement of your MOLLE pouches on top of your backpack or other equipment to determine the best configuration before attaching anything.
  2. Hold onto the end of the SlickStick with the snap attached, and thread the stick through the bottom row of nylon webbing that your MOLLE attachment will align with, snap side up.
  3. Weave the stick or strap through the first row of nylon webbing on the backside of the attachment, tightening as you go.
  4. Continue weaving the stick through the webbing on your equipment and the attachment until all that remains are the snaps or buttons at the top.
  5. If your attachment includes multiple SlickSticks or straps, repeat this process for each stick until the entire attachment is secure.
  6. Once you have the attachment exactly where you want it, secure the snaps or buttons to make sure your gear stays put.

We sell a pouch for a range of different needs in lots of different sizes. All pouches and modules are made for a purpose allowing you to get the most out of your gear.

Magazine Pouches
Magazine-sized pouches are made of durable material that is designed to sit on Plate Carriers and belts (such as the BROKOS Belt). Having additional magazine pouches gives you the ability to carry extra magazines with you making sure you never run out of supplies.

Medical Pouches
A great accessory to take with you when you’re out and about, these pouches have internal pockets and zippers to separate your medical equipment. We sell pre kitted medical pouches, removing the worry of have to select the correct IFAK supplies yourself.

Utility Pouches
Utility pouches are designed to store everyday carry from general-purpose pouches right through to H20 pouches. Our variety of utility pouches allows you to organise your miscellaneous items. Available in a range of different colours to suit your tactical gear.

MOLLE Panels
MOLLE Panels such as the 5.11 COVRT Insert, allows you to attach your pouches and modules to an insert which slips inside the back of your backpack giving you the ability to pull out all of your pouches in an emergency situation.

5.11 HEXGRID System
5.11 have recently designed a HEXGRID system that allows you weave pouches in at any angle, giving you more customisation possibilities, you no longer have to mount pouches vertically. Their new vehicle ready HEXGRID seat system allows you to convert your car seat to a storage system, giving you quick access to your gear whilst in your car.

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